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Opening gates and barriers cellular automata.

The software allows you to open multiple car gates and barriers.
Managing multiple gates and barriers
Gates open by GPS location
Chance to study the exchange location by GPS
Open Gate by automatic positioning of the gate
Open gate by Voice recognition
Smart interface allows opening a gate and prevents uncontrolled opening double.
howTo :

AddNew Gate :
1 .Add new gate by go to Setup->Menu->New Gate
2. add gate name and gate phone number
3. set GPS location of the gate by going to the gate location and press "Set Location" ,Menu->Save.
4. Select the AutoOpen by GPS distance from 10-200 meters
5. Menu->Save

From The main screen you can press on the gate name to open the gate
and you can press "Gps Auto" to autoOpen the gates by gps location. (then close the application it will work as service)

after the 1st opening of the gate you will net to go out from the gate location at last 150meters to triger again

dont write bad review ,you can send email and we will try to fix any bug you find.

alex kapmar


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